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The city of Oaxaca, Oaxaca formally Oaxaca de Juárez, in honor of 19th-century president and national hero Benito Juárez, who was born there, is the capital and main city of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. It is located in the Oaxaca MexicoOaxaca Valley in the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains, about 500 km southeast of Mexico City. It's a fairly big city with over half a million inhabitants, but it is still quite a relaxed city, unpretentious and friendly. The downtown area of Oaxaca City has many good examples of baroque colonial architecture dating from the 16th century. In Oaxaca you will find Mexico's most splendid churches, some of its finest museums, and dozens of well preserved municipal and religious buildings from the colonial era. The area around Oaxaca is rich with archaeological sites, of which about 800 have been surveyed. The area's main attractions are the majestic sites of Monte Alban, Mitla, and Yagul. Each lies within a 25 mile radius of Oaxaca City. Oaxaca enjoys spring like climate almost year-round...
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Black Clay Pottery of Oaxaca

Oaxaca Attractions

Oaxaca is loaded with attractions. Explore the Mayan ruins of Monte Alban or Mitla. Visit the surrounding villages and learn how the make thier famous black clay pottery. Enjoy a coffee while relaxing at one of the fine cafes located in the zocalo. Visit the 16th century churches located throughout the city...
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Oaxaca Festivals

Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca
Oaxaca is known for there many festivals. It seems that not a week goes by where there is not soom kind of event. The most popular festivals are Guelaguetza; enacted reciprocal gift-giving and ceremonies in honor of the Corn Goddess, the other festival is Dia de los Muertos held in October, celebrating departed loved ones...
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Oaxaca Restaurants

Oaxaca Cuisine
Food is not taken ligtly in Oaxaca, recipes are passed down through generations. Oaxaca is known for their mole sauce made from different spices and chocolate. Also popular are chapulines or fried grasshoppers...
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Oaxaca Lodging

Oaxaca Hotels
The accommodations in Oaxaca really take you back to colonial times. The hotels in the city have been restored to their original glory, including a 16th century convent. Oaxaca City also has several 5 star hotels as well as moderately priced lodgings...
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