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Ranked among Mexico’s three most important cities is Guadalajara pronounced (gwah-dah-lah-HAH-rah), is located 540 km (335 mi) northwest of Mexico City and is the capital city of the Mexican state of Jalisco. As Mexico’s second largest Guadalajaracity with over 7 million inhabitants, Guadalajara embodies the soul of the nation. Guadalajara is affectionately known as La Perla del Occidente ("Pearl of the West") the city is situated at an altitude of 1600 meters (5200 feet), favoring it with a mild, spring-like climate. Guadalajara is one of the principal centers of culture, economy, history, industry and religion in the country, influencing the rest of Mexico by its culture and folklore. The city is birthplace of mariachi music, charreadas, and Tequila. Guadalajara Mexico offers all of the conveniences of a big city with the charm and character of a small town. Throughout the centuries, the city has become rich in history, and to this day, many of the historic buildings still stand as reminders of the significance the city...
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Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara Attractions

Among its main draws is the magnificent architecture of its historic and religious buildings, in particular that of the Hospicio Cabañas, which houses murals of artist Jose Clemente Orozco and was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Guadalajara is also home to several spectacular parks such as Parque Agua Azul and the Parque de las Armas...
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Guadalajara Activities

Guadalajara Mariachi
Guadalajara is famous for three things mariachi music, charreadas (Mexican rodeo), and Tequila. There are several Charreadas that take place throughout the year. No trip to Guadalajara would be complete without taking a tour to Tequila, the city were tequila is made. Guadalajara also offers some of the best and most exclusive golf courses in Mexico...
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Guadalajara Restaurants

Guadalajara Cuisine
Guadalajara has rich culinary tradition, that results from a combination of colonial and pre Hispanic influences. Tamales are a specialty of the city as well as pazole, but perhaps the most popular food in Guadalajara is the torta ahogada...
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Guadalajara Lodging

Guadalajara Hotels
The lodging in Guadalajara tends to cater to the business and culturally oriented, however in recent years Guadalajara offers a large selection of hotels and resorts, ranging from colonial style lodgings to modern resorts, There are also small B & Bs that are worth noticing...
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