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Cozumel is a small island in the Caribbean Sea just off the coast of Yucatan Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island and is located 12 miles off the coast and 60 miles south of Cozumel Cancun. According to the Mayan legend, Cozumel was the home of the goddess Ixchel, devoted to love. Religious temples were dedicated with honor to the goddess and in return she sent her favorite bird as a sign of gratitude and good fortune. For this reason, the Mayans named the island "The Land of the Swallows". Cozumel was once considered a sleepy fishing village until in 1961 when famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, declared Cozumel as one of the best and most beautiful places to scuba dive in the world. Ever since then Cozumel experiences thousands of tourists every year. In 1996, the government of Mexico also established the Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park, forbidding anyone from touching or removing any marine life within the park boundaries ...
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el Chankanaab National Marine Park

Cozumel Attractions

As well as offering world class diving and snorkeling, the beautiful island of Cozumel houses the Chankanaab National Marine Park, with a sea lion show, a botanical garden, reproductions of famous archaeological sites, an underground river, a tropical lagoon teeming with brightly colored tropical fish, restaurants, bars and a dive shop...
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Activities in Cozumel

Scuba diving in Cozumel
Scuba diving is still Cozumel's primary draw, mainly due to the healthy coral reef marine communities. Cozumel is renowned for having the second largest reef in the world. It offers the most spectacular diving and snorkeling in México, with more than 200 feet of visibility. Explore the diverse marine life or the underwater cenotes or large underwater sinkholes...
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Cozumel Restaurants

Cozumel Restaurants
Cozumel as well as most of the Yucatan Peninsula offers food of European and indigenous influences. Besides offering local Mayan specialties, Cozumel is known for its amazing seafood dishes such as lobster and red seabass...
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Cozumel Lodging

Cozumel Hotels
Cozumel is a major tourist resort destination offering world class accommodations from plush 5 star hotels and resorts to small bed and breakfasts, also you can always find vacation homes for rent located around the island...
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